Self-service loans from your mobile – SOLUS release their long awaited apps.

Pleased as I was to reach my holiday destination (Cartagena in Colombia) yesterday I was almost as excited to receive the news that self-service loans – and more – are at last available for library users in the UK.
SOLUS are, like me, based in Scotland and like me are eager to find ways to exploit the full potential of RFID and the new app does just that. Borrowers in RFID equipped libraries will be able both to issue items at the shelf and clear security in a single operation. Those still using barcodes will be able to use their devices cameras to issue items but will still have to deal with whatever security system (if any) is in use separately.

Returns can also be handled using mobile devices.

Dovetailing with the launch of “self-service” within the Library App, SOLUS has also announced the Q1 launch of “SOLUS Pay”, its mobile payment solution, which will allow users to make payments from within the App.

Initially aimed at library charges there are no payment limits with SOLUS Pay so both library services and their wider parent organisations will be able to pay other service charges through their Library App.


Full press release available here.


  • Oh, yippee.., another app.

    Seems to be self-service just about everywhere now, except for the libraries which the councils have ‘communitised’ .

    I’ve gradually realised that I rather like exchanging a few words, and opinions, with library staff.

    Now it;s just …. ” ‘Lo, mate you’re a bit quiet today ( Gives the tin machine a quick kick ).

  • The significant thing about this app is that borrowers won’t even need to use library equipment to issue and return items. And it can handle payments for non library services as well. Like most technological change it could be used equally easily to transform services or reduce staffing – it’s a political decision not a technical one.

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  • Karen Carden

    Just to check … this will be properly interoperable?

  • SOLUS are aware of the Library Communication Framework and have recently joined the LCF Consortium, but as with all suppliers the wise buyer will ask the right questions!

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