JISC List Policy and LIB-RFID

Some diverse opinions on using lists for advertising expressed on the list yesterday and today. A recent trickle of “advertorials” and unsolicited testimonies annoyed at least one of the contributors  sufficient to voice a protest that the list is being exploited for advertising purposes.

This has in turn has prompted Nick Lewis – the list founder and owner – to remind us all that JISC lists are not meant for product placement, a view I instinctively support, but which places me in a difficult position.

As I make my living from advising libraries on all matters RFID I am, in effect, promoting my services every time I post to the list. I cannot help but feel that many of the assignments that have come my way have done so as a result of my involvement with it.

New products, and new claims, are being made all the time and I believe that there is a need to debate the efficacy and relevance of both. My concern was that if such announcements are made on a different JISC list the debate is likely to take place there rather than on LIB-RFID. In a world currently obsessed with so many means of communication (lists, blogs, twitter, second life etc.) the fragmentation of the RFID debate seems in nobody’s best interests.

Rather than debate this issue on the list – which might be construed as advertising – it seems advisable for me to focus more on my own web presence in the future.  This blog will continue to serve as a place to critically examine the RFID market and the claims made for new products – by anyone. I think that should clearly be one of  its main purposes.

I will continue to post to the list but, in deference to Nick, will try to be rather more circumspect in the future.

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